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I help companies and researchers find what they need in Tampere. I’m your man for partners, expertise or establishing a site here!
- Oliver Hussey

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My core expertise is to help companies in demanding manufacturing industry on their digitalization process.
- Katja Koponen

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We have a dedicated team at your service to help you find business opportunities, partners and talents.
- Oula Välipakka

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Tampere in a nutshell

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"The cooperation between the top research on the region and the competent workforce they provide us have proven to be highly valuable to our business."

Pekka Pohjoismäki, President, Crushing and screening Equipment, Metso Mining and Construction

"The high level of mobile know-how and the availability of specialists were the main reasons why we started our business at Tampere. Tampere gives us the support of an active community of public and private operators."

Veli-Pekka Vatula, Site Manager, Intel Finland

“After a thorough consideration of many options globally, we chose Tampere because of the cumulated competence and knowledge in the region on intelligent machines. Locating our R&D near the top research of Tampere University of Technology was also an important aspect.”

Matti Sommarberg, CTO, Cargotec

“We have invested here because the pool of talent is excellent. Not only the universities but Nokia’s footprint has been very important. Half of our engineers have come from Nokia.”

Miika Mäkitalo, CEO, M-Files

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