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Tredea works in close co-operation with each Director of Business Development of the municipalities in the Tampere City Region. Tredea seeks out possible plot alternatives that apply to the customer’s demands. After a suitable plot has been found, one typically begins direct negotiations with the municipalities whose plots the customer is interested in.

The Tampere City Region has a wide offering of plots for business use. Mainly these plots are located in business districts according to the enclosed map of business districts. You can find a more detailed descriptions of the business sites according to municipality.

In the case of business premises, Tredea co-operates with both the municipalities of the City Region, as well as private owners and dealers. The customer is provided with comprehensive information of the offering in the City Region, after which the client continues the negotiations with the owner or lessor of the premises.

If you’re looking for a suitable plot or premises for your business, contact the Tredea Investments and talents team.