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{:events=>"The latest and the greatest in our local and international business events.", :investment_opportunities=>"Tampere is one of the fastest growing city regions in Finland with exceptionally high expenditure in research and development. The region has an excellent talent pool at a surprisingly competitive cost level, offering great investment opportunities.", :why_tampere=>"New solutions are driven by a wide and diverse company base, modern innovation platforms and university-industry collaboration.", :innovation=>"Tampere acts as a living lab for companies which develop smart technologies, products and service solutions in cooperation with universities, research institutes and the city.", :news_stories=>"Behind our awesome city region are the fearless and gutsy companies.", :services=>"Are you planning to expand your business or looking for new business opportunities in the Tampere Region?

Our experts at the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea will help you with any questions you may have - to locate suitable business premises, create new networks and find regional business services. The services are free of charge.", :authors=>"Our Investments and talents team at Tampere Region Development Agency Tredea provides free services for companies planning investments in Tampere region, Finland. We continuously develop our ways of working so that you as a business leader have the information needed for making informed business decisions."}