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Tampere startups doubled their amount of employees

CEO of Timo Pulkki says Tamturbo aims for 100 million euro turnover in six years. Right now the turnover is zero. (Picture: Jukka Vuokola)

The startup companies in Tampere have over doubled their amount of employees in four years.

The information is based on a survey made by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea. The survey was targeted to companies that took part in StartUp Tampere program (2012-2014) and 50 companies took part in the survey. These companies now employ 220 people when four years ago the number was 85.

17 of these 50 companies managed to convince an investor and got outside financing. In total these companies gathered 14 Million Euro investments. Almost half of the companies also got public funding. 30 of these 50 companies now have turnover.

One of the most successfull companies among these 17 is Tamturbo that will have their oil-free, low maintanence air compressor on the market this year. They are aiming for 100 Million turnover in six years although they expect to have the first income later this year. The company has 56 owners, of which 40 are private investors.

Tamturbo employs 14 people but are looking to hire a 100 employees in the future.

The article was originally published in Aamulehti (April 11th 2016).