Oula Välipakka

Director, Renewing Industry

My passion to meet new people and build networks has taken me to live around the world but I have always come back to the place which I love the most, Tampere.

Let me help you find the right people, partners, startups and research teams to make your business succeed in Tampere.

Marja Aalto

Director, Air Transportation Development
If your business has parts to offer to our exceptional AiRRport concept (Air-Rail-Road) in Inland Finland, please, contact me. We are looking for new air routes to Tampere and new service developers concerning the land transport.

Katja Koponen

Senior Business Advisor
My core expertise is to help companies in demanding manufacturing industry on their digitalization process. I'm responsible for developing digital service innovations and finding service providers offering digital solutions for manufacturing industry in Tampere Region.